You know those "I Love The 90's" type shows?  Well VH1 just started airing "I Love The 2000's".  So what about now?  How about some predictions about things that will make it in a future special?

The first thing we have to decide is, what is "now".  We're going to chose five years.  So let's say this special is going to air in the future and cover 2010 to 2015.  We'll keep it simple and just cover five years instead of a whole decade.  So what are the things that you'll be "remembering" from the future past?

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*D.V.D.s & C.D.s.  With the advent of downloads, those discs are now going the way of cassette tapes and eight tracks.  BTW, if you even come across either of those, hand it to a kid under ten and see if they can figure out what it was.

*Flo & The Gecko.  There's no denying these big insurance mascots/symbols are/were huge!  Flo has been around since 2008 and the Gecko has actually been kickin' it since 1999.

*Mosh Pits.  I hate to tell you, insurance and good sense are putting an end to mosh pits everywhere.  It wasn't very effective, but the Warped tour having an official "No Moshing/No Crowdsurfing" policy is the sign of things to come.  I think crowd surfing will stick around though, because it's harder to get caught.

*Myspace.  Myspace came around in 2003 and Facebook started around 2004.  My Space peaked in 2008 and pretty much died at the beginning of this decade.

*Minions.  It's hard to remember any movie character taking off as big as the Minions, at least since the monsters of Monster Inc.

*Mars.  The Mars Rover landed on August 6th 2012. It sure seems like if the people of Earth are going to have a future, it's going to involve some type of space exploration if not travel.

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*Malaysian Flight 370.  The flight still hasn't been found. It's a tragedy for sure, and it covered up the news for months and months. I would say as each day goes by the chances of us finding anything are getting slimmer and slimmer.

*The Cool Pope.  Yep, Pope Francis has kicked the Catholic Church in the rear. He'll be in future headlines, and as a bonus, he just kicked the "Popemobile" to the curb, so it'll be a retro thing before too long too.

*Justin Bieber.  Yeah, he was HUGE and now he's gone.  There will no doubt be a bunch of girls who were 12 experiencing adult-onset Bieber-Fever in the future.  Invest in Bieber now, in ten years to twenty years those same girls are going to remember the first guy that ever gave them a hot flash.

*Dexter, True Blood, Breaking Bad & True Detective.   All of these retro shows always have a segment on the shows that rocked the decade (or in case this half of one). There's no denying these shows peaked between 2010 and 2015.

So how did I do?  Can you think of anything else that was/is huge that the first part of this decade will be known for!  Post your answers.