Friday Night, I asked Woody what she wanted to do this weekend? Poison, surrounded by concrete and steel or Thousand Foot Krutch at the lake? Thankfully, her answer was the lake. I had to work on Saturday afternoon, so Woody got to put the boat in the water all by herself. You know, you turn the steering wheel left the boat trailer goes right and vice-versa. Well, Im proud to say it only took the "Woodmaker" 30 minutes to get the boat in the water!

I finally made it out to the lake, and I must say it was the perfect day to be there, hot hot hot!! I love to go out to the lake, it gives me a chance to do one of the best things in my life, stare at Woodys ass in a bikini! I sit at the stern and let her go all over the lake acting like Captain Nemo, all the while looking at her TUSH thats prettier than a West Texas sunset, like I said life is good at the lake.

We made our way over to the Buffalo Springs Amphitheater about dark to check out the 3rd Annual Journey Benefit, two days of bands and good times. This year's headliner was Thousand Foot Krutch from Toronto, Canada. As I sat there, surrounded by the canyons, it hit me. I'm glad we didn't want to go the the Poison show, instead, I looked at Woody's back side all day, got some sun and got to witness a set from TFK that would have even made Matthew, Mark, Luke and John proud!!! Check out the videos. Amen.