I had only visited one, maybe two "Haunted Attractions" before Nightmare On 19th. Now, I'm in love with them.  Haunts have a great vibe and are an adrenaline rush. If you haven't visited one before then you are truly missing out. It's also amazing that right here in Lubbock we have one of the best ones in the world.

Nightmare On 19th has four "haunts" or distinctly themed areas for you to check out. There's the HUGE "classic" haunt known as Blood Moon Manor.  You could take pretty much every haunted house that has ever been in Lubbock and fit it in this one attraction.  After visiting this beast you travel through a graveyard down the road to Skull-Lick Texas, and old west town populated with the ghosts of gunslingers and saloon gals.  Then it's off to "The Lost City" which features ancient cultures from Eqypt, plus headhunters, spiders and an all new dragon.  Finally we wrap up with this years new attraction, "Twisted Tales".  This attraction is 3-D. You'll put on special chroma-key glasses that make colors pop out and give you a heightened sense of reality.  You'll also see "Twisted" versions of Rumplestiltskin,  Sleeping Beauty and others, plus the "Three Little Pigs" who decided to fight back.

We hope you'll come see us. If you haven't visited, you believe something this cool is in Lubbock, if you have visited, you won't believe the ENOURMOUS amount of new stuff we've added for 2013!