Sex for breakfast? With this new sex boosting cereal, why not?

It's called Sex Cereal, and its about time. Here's my main question. The cereal is different for men and women because men and women are different right? So there's a picture of a good looking guy on the guy's box and a good looking girl on the girl's box. Now I'm not trying to exclude homosexuals by any means but as a guy if I was going to buy something that would make me feel randy, wouldn't I want a picture of a sexy girl on the box I was staring at all morning? Just a thought.

Sex Cereal is currently available in Canada, and it costs like $12 a box! But still if you could eat a bowl of cereal and have greater sex drive, why wouldn't you? Unless you're single and have no one to share this with. Or maybe you're lactose intolerant and even though your sex drive would be stronger, your noxious odors would drive everybody else away. I'm still down, though.

And for some reason here's a video about a misprinted phone number on a box of cereal that was a phone sex line.