This is an amazing excerpt from a speech given tothe 2005 Graduating Class of Kenyon College. David Foster Wallace was an author and college professor. This particular speech has been set to images to highlight it's main points. It's simple, it's about choosing how to live your life and having empathy for others (or that's how I took it). More after the jump.


This is probably not as "deep" as you imagine it to be.  It does offer some great advice on balancing your perspective and becoming a little less frustrated with life in general.  I think about this topic on a daily basis, at least from the viewpoint of "is it better to speak up and possibly  not be liked,or better to shut up and be well liked" ?  I think if you'll take the time that you'll really enjoy this and I think it will make you a better person if you learn some of the lessons it has to teach.  Enjoy.