As of 2:24 p.m. today (and earlier when I wrote the article) there was NO news of any giant biker invasion in D.C. at,,, or the WASHINGTONPOST.COM.  And for some reason, the haters have come out in full force because I simply reported and continue to report the available news.  First off, when did this become a political thing?  I thought this was about protecting the memory or 911 victims (a counter protest to the Muslim thing which we all knew wasn't going to be a big thing).  Second, when did questioning the numbers mean anything about being "against bikers"?  Some people out there just read too much into things.

So what has happened is the "right-winged blogosphere" corrupted this well meaning event.  They've tried to turn this into a political statement of some sort.  They've managed to whip the usual people who get mad about the usual things into a frenzy.

If they are going to honor 911 victims then I personally hope TEN MILLION bikers ride through Washington before the day is over, but that's not what people are passing around.  People are trying to stir the pot for their own political purposes and that is especially shameful on 911.  This movement started out like the Honor Guard that rides between grieving families and the Westboro Baptist Church and there was no hate attached to it.  As for my guess of "500" showing up, that was a guess based on similar event that was supposed to take place over the last week where no one showed up.

To my biker friends, don't let these political assbags on either side ruin the beauty of you and your bike. Ride with pride, not hate in your hearts.

Wes Nessman/KFMX

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