Oh you kids, you probably don't know that that title of this blog is a riff on an old Elvis Presley album.  Yeah, it was before my time too, it's just been riffed on many times due to it's iconic art.

So we are frightfully close to 20,000 likes.  That's just crazy.  It's not as crazy as the views, people reached and other traffic that we get digitally.


So it's been quite a ride.  We cover everything from rock news to opinion pieces and videos of us screwing around.  For us, it truly is "social" media. We like getting in there and mixing it up a bit with the FMX fans.  It's crazy learning how to engage people without pissing them off. It's also crazy learning that some people come around with no other intention other than to piss you off.

I enjoy having the web pages because they allow us to explain things that would just be too much time away from the music on air.  Plus, if these things were on-air, the only way to avoid them would be to turn the station off and we don't want that to happen. With our webpage and Facebook you get to pick and choose what interests you and that's pretty cool.


So thank you for being one of the 20k.  We begin the march to 30k now.