Last week I told you where you could drop off your carved pumpkins if you were interested in being a part of the Fourth Annual Lubbock Pumpkin Trail. If you remember, they were shooting for 2000 Jack-O-Lanterns this year and from what I could tell when I visited last night at the premiere of the event, I'm guessing they achieved it.

The trail officially kicked off at dusk last night, and it was awesome! There were some very cool Jack -O-Lanterns and some really detailed displays and scenes to take in this year. Among the groups who donated their time to add fun to this event were the Girl Scouts, the Roller Dollz, various LISD schools, banks, and doctors and dentists from around town. All of whom did a great job adding their special touch to the night.

There are scary Jack -O-Lanterns, there were funny ones, there were even some that made me do a double take.

If you haven't checked this event out let me recommend you find time to take it in this weekend! They start lighting the pumpkins at 5:30 tonight through Sunday and allow people to take their time and stroll through the trail at their own pace until 10:00 tonight and tomorrow night and until 9:00 p.m. Sunday night.