It's that time of year again where we all start to pay a little bit more attention to all the creeks and bumps in the night. You can deny it all you want but even the most brave among us start to question whether ghosts and demons are real during the Halloween season.

Friday night, Gunner and I put on our big-boys pants and made our annual trip out to Nightmare on 19th for preview weekend.

This year, Nightmare on 19th features Twisted Tales Lubbock's only 3-D haunt. Twisted Tales pays tribute to the Grimm classic fairly tales, and it's pretty cool to have the crap scared out of you in 3D.

The City of the Lost is INCREDIBLE! The detail is amazing!

Blood Moon Manor is back and still one of the freakiest 20 minutes you'll ever experience; great animantronics, and the actors are spot on as always.

Skull-lick Texas is the haunt I look forward to every year. How can you not appreciate an entire old west setting with zombie outlaws and a crusty 'ol granny who has never laid eyes on a man she didn't like.

I strongly encourage you to make it out to Nightmare on 19th, it's truly wicked.

Preview weekend continues again Saturday night on the spooky side of the Lonestar Event Center.