Wow. It's been 24 years since the helicopter crash that claimed the life of Stevie Ray Vaughan. Even though he was out of Austin, we all considered him a "homeboy" after his many appearances in the area. I still remember how pumped all of us were when we were told that he would be playing the guitar parts on the "new" David Bowie Album (Let's Dance). We then thought it incredibly noble of him when he refused to tour with Bowie unless his own band could open the show (a battle he lost).

I guess I could type all kinds of filler and stories here, but it's simple, you probably have your own Stevie Ray story if you've read this far.   Instead, I'm just going to post a couple cool videos.  First off is a video of Stevie Ray just walking up at a soundcheck. You'll be amazed how this guy shows up barely awake, then starts just rippin' on his guitar. Next up is a copy of VH1 Legends.