I was ready that today is a bit of an anniversary for Van Halen. On this day in 1986 Van Halen played their first show with Sammy Hagar as a frontman.  I don't know why time hasn't worked in favor of the Hagar led version of Van Halen.


If you count album, merch and ticket sales, the Sammy Hagar version of Van Halen was much more successful than the David Lee Roth years. For some reason though, it's the early Van Halen that still stands out on the radio.  I watched a bit of this video with Sammy at the helm, and I think it was just that 80's slickness that tainted this period in the bands history.  The earlier Dave stuff just sounds rawer and thus it still works.  Back in the day when people would debate the two, I always said that it was like having to choose between vanilla and chocolate ice cream-they're both good.  I have to tell you though, I was immediately turned off by the choreographed kicks in the beginning. Anyways, try to make it through the first two tracks "There's Only One Way To Rock" and "Summer Nights".

Here's the entire "Live Without A Net" concert.

and here's the entire "Right Here, Right Now" show