Imagine a large package covered in black with orange ribbons. You step up, start to unwrap it, and out flies a thousand bats, followed by stumbling zombies, vampires and every other kind of ghost, ghoul and victim you can possibly think of. That is how we feel about launching a new year at Nightmare on 19th Street.

When you enter the park this year you'll be greeted by out Scream Screen which stands over twenty one feet tall. You'll experience the new boiler room. The Lost City has all kinds of updates to reflect a pirate invasion and Twisted Tales now features a trip to Wonderland via a twenty foot vortex tunnel.

These are of course, just some of the updates. The thing I like about Nightmares four attractions is it's never the same thing twice. The actors always change positions looking for a new scare. I hope you'll make plans to visit us this year. Like us on Facebook for the countdown and updates from Nightmare!