There is NO question that the gentlemen in 3M are some of the most talented people on the planet. The only question we have is "hey guys, can we get one picture where it doesn't look like Ray is taking a dump?". Read more after the break.

The boys from 3M return to Nightmare on 19th Street tonight (Friday 10/14).  We liked these guys so much last year that we immediately tried to book them to play the rest of the year but they were too busy.  The boys play your favorite rock and blues without sounding old or dated.  We've heard everything from Buck Cherry to Billy Idol and more.  You'll get to hear even more as they do TWO sets at Nightmare on 19th Street.  You can come check the boys out for free and if you decide you want to check out the Haunted Houses it's $20 for all three.  If you'd like more details on Nightmare click here!