By "4th Of July Rules" , I don't mean "rules" as in "follow these rules".  I mean like it "rules" over all other 4th of July events.  Seriously, why not get your fireworks fix tonight, then just lay about on the actual 4th?


It's not just hype, there's something really badass about watching the fireworks reflect off the lake. It's like getting twice the fireworks.  The show will start tonight sometime after nine o'clock (do I really need to say p.m.?).  The show will be partially choreographed to music on our sister station 98.1 KOOL FM.  Regular gate fees apply which are $6 for adults, $3 for kids, $2 for active military, $5 for college with a college I.D. and $7 for anyone wearing a full Robocop costume with working lasers.  Okay, I made that last part up.  Any Robocops that show up have to pay the age appropriate fee.  Here's some more faqs from the Lake themselves.

I do want to mention one more thing.  You could party at the lake tonight, rest up during the day tomorrow, then attend the 4th of July picnic at the White Horse & Ass Event Center at 3401 Regis.  They're doing a thing where you can check out the Darren Welch band and shoot off your own fireworks.  For more info you can just click here.