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Today, we’ll take a look at some really cool iPhone cases…all at affordable prices.

Now days, an iPhone case isn’t just for protection, it’s also a fashion statement.

The words “wow, cool case” have been uttered by all of us.

So, let’s take a look at 5 of the coolest iPhone cases I’ve run across.

Classic Cassette Case

Old farts like me remember the days when all we had were cassettes. Now you can relive the old days with an iPhone case that looks like a cassette.

You can get 1 for less than $2 here.

Battery Case

These cases contain a battery that charges your iPhone. There are a few different brands, from Exogear to Mophie, and from what I hear, they’re all good. Personally, I have a Mophie and anytime I get down to about 15% left on my battery, I’ll just ‘turn on’ my case and it’ll charge it up to 100%. Obviously, these are more expensive, but they won’t break the bank.

80′s Brick Phone Case

Now you can stroll the halls of your school and pretend you’re on Saved by the Bell. Don’t know that TV show? Then get on Netflix and watch it. Just over $12 and you can buy one today.

Nintendo Controller Case

Once again, old farts like myself remember the days of playing all of our video games on Nintendo. This case is a perfect replica of that controller, except it doesn’t break when you throw it through the TV. However, your phone might. This case is about $15 and very cool.

Opena Bottle Opener Case

How many times have you been without a bottle opener? You no longer have to go thirsty again. This case will protect your phone and help quench your thirst as it has a bottle opener on the back. Genius! Less than $40 and you can have one today.