I guess you've noticed that Halloween stuff is already making it's way into stores.  From crafts to full on decorations, the isles are filling up with cool stuff.  I took a moment to look at my countdown clock and this ran a chill down my spine: it's only 50 days until the first of two "Preview Nights" at Nightmare On 19th Street.

The RockShow is proud to present Lubbock's only "Haunted Theme Park". It's four "haunts" or if you prefer "haunted areas" in the rear area of the Lone Star Events Center. We've never bothered to count the acreage, but let's just say we'll wear you out with the walk and the constant scares from our army of ghouls.

We are launching our eight year with a bunch of updates. We've been very busy during our "build season".  We always find it hilarious when the people at the hardware store ask "You're working on that already?".  The fact is, we never stop working on it. It's what we do for fun, it IS our gym membership.  This year we built a giant crashed and broken pirate ship, gave the front of The Lost City attraction a makeover, added a really cool boiler room area, installed Lubbock's first ever Vortex Tunnel, built a sixteen foot by sixteen foot scream screen that stretches over 21 feet in the air and more.  Yep, we keep it very fresh!

I hope you'll put us on your "thing to do list".  We are open 17 days in September and October with discount admission on Thursdays and Sundays. We'll have tons of giveaways on FMX and it's sister station and we do lots of cool stuff with local charities as well. In addition on October 30th, we'll do our free little kids trick or treat party.  If you'd like more information you can check out the website here, or connect with us on Facebook here.

*Note. This blog failed to publish yesterday, as of 8/8 it would be 49 days.