I guess the ladies want to pretend this is something other than what it is.  What it is, is old school Sin-emax soft core porn.  Whatever, I'm good with that.


It looks like 1/3 soap opera, 1/3 romance novel and 1/3 soft core porn.  It also looks like there will be some spanky-spanky and other mildly kinky fun in elevators and whatnot.  Well, if it gets the women hot and good to go, then it's all good.  What you guys have to watch out for is the "Magic Mike" syndrome. That's when all the women get together and go as groups leaving the guys behind.  It's my feeling that if you go see this WITH your girl, you're going to have a pretty good night.  If they show it at the drive-in, there's going to be a lot of "Grey-babies" nine months from the movies release date.

One question. Where's the "Red-band" trailer?