Time does fly my friends.  We are just sixty days away from opening night at Nightmare On 19th Street.  It's funny, when I go to the hardware store or the printers, people often ask "are you working on that already".  Uh, we started working on it the weekend after Halloween last year, and actually had started planning 2013 before we even started the 2012 season.


There is so much new this year to go over. The "BIG" change though is the new "Twisted Tales 3-D".  You'll actually put on "Chroma Color 3-D" glasses in our new attraction.  In it you'll find mutated versions of Rumpelstiltskin, Hansel & Gretel, The Three Little Pigs and more.  You will be scared, and you'll also come out going "that was cool".  The Lost City features a new dragon and a "spider trailer". Skulllick Texas will be growing a bit.  Bloodmoon Manor also has had a BUNCH of renovations and the edition of a crypt and New Orleans size cemetery that will seriously lengthen your visit through our trademark haunt.

Also new this year is Sundays.  We ordinarily have done the Thursday, Friday, & Saturday thing. This year we'll skip some Thursdays and open some Sunday's instead. Stay tuned for more details!