I guess I have an ego problem. I prefer to think I have a “caring” problem. When I see something that smells like bullfritters to me on the internet, I always feel like I have to interject.  This is one of the main reasons why I completely blew up my Facebook page.  I just don’t think opinions are worth much unless you know where they are coming from and it just gets too taxing explaining yourself over and over. More after the jump.


I interjected myself into this Three Days Grace nonsense.  As someone who’s seen this kind of thing over and over again, it’s obvious that the singer who left has an overinflated ego and sense of worth.  It just doesn’t seem fair to me that even a few people are buying into his nonsense and/or not supporting the bands decision to carry on with something they worked so hard on.

I see the President doing basically the same thing as the guys before him and being called a fascist or a dictator and it amazes me.  The people who make these comments have no sense of history and diminish the suffering of people who have suffered under a real dictator.

I don’t understand while anyone and any organization would go out of their way to make life hard on gay people. To me, it’s just meanness.   Everybody deserves a right to be happy in my opinion.

It’s great that Tech supporters are coming back under Kliff Kingsbury, but I don’t understand those who bled red while the Tech administration seemed to be doing everything possible to alienate the fans (including firing a popular coach and hiring a temp).

The gun control battle was the final straw for me.  Even as a gun rights supporter, I’m willing to listen to any idea in the hopes that it might save the lives of a few kids.  Far too many of my own friends first reaction was “they’re not taking my guns” and to that I say, “you suck as a human”.  A reasonable human being would say, “if it will save a kid, I’ll at least listen”.  Sure, maybe nothing that is being proposed out there will help, but doing nothing won’t help either.  I think at least a few people should speak up for the ‘rights’ of the kids to not be killed.  Anyways, I’m going to leave this debate for someone else.

Now, this is just a slice of the things that I used to comment on Facebook.  Now what you have to understand, or what I hope you understand is that the root of all of this, is the passion I have more making sure my listeners and fellow human beings are treated right.  I guess, sure, my definition of ‘right’ is subjective, but I don’t get up in the morning to make people’s lives miserable.  I try to be a filter based on what I believe to be reason when I address these topics.  I guess I enjoy debates, but there are far too many people out there who have a minimum of facts who try to parlay them into maximum results.  There are folks to whitewash the truth, spread scurrilous rumors, lie about their motives and spread intentional falsehoods.  Then there are those who are or were gullible and truly believe some of the crap they were fed and are just regurgitating it over and over because it’s too hard to admit when you’re wrong.

Anyways, this is all probably too deep for a blog on a rock website. I just wanted to put it out there that my comments are never to create harm, unless I see harm being done to someone else. I truly, deeply, hope that you have a good day and a good life.  Rock on.