Can we put this down as one of those things that should have never have happened?  This is a travesty and it should be put down like a three-legged horse.  Why? Why? Why?  More after the jump.

Of course most of the stars of the original "A Christmas Story" are dead.  I understand that new actors would have to be brought in.  It just looks SO BAD.  Especially Ralphie.  Instead of looking like older Ralphie, he looks like Ralphie would look like in an Archies comic book.  There is just something so fake about his look that it makes me want to punch the actor in the sack.  It looks like there might be a good sight gag or two in here, but I would have stuck a needle through my ear and scrambled my brain long before I got to 'em.  This movie looks like something ate the first movie and crapped out this version (and keep in mind, this is the highlights).