Last night in Dallas I took Danielle to checkout one of her favorite bands A Day To Remember at The Verizon Theater and not only was it a great show but once again we here in Lubbock have it pretty good when it comes to shows.

There are a few issues we need to address when it comes to seeing live music here in Lubbock.

First I always hear about how and why can't we get some of the shows that Dallas, Austin and San Antonio gets. We can use A Day To Remember last night in Dallas, now this is a just a guess that I think there was about 7,000 people at this show now mostly they were minors but there was still beer and food at The Verizon Theater. There is no way that 7,000 people would have came out to see A Day To Remember here in Lubbock and let alone pay $8 for a beer and another $5 or $6 bucks for some food or something like that. I hear it all the time beer prices here in Lubbock at shows are to high and blah blah blah. We are spoiled here Lubbock even at our biggest outside show, The Big Purple Party beer was around $4 and of course you could grab some food for around the same price.

The Verizon Theater is a awesome place to watch a rock show and last A Day To Remember tore it up and I was really stoked to be apart of that show last night. For the people that never get out of town to catch a show, please be quiet. You have no idea what it is to pay for the gas to get there the $15 to park the $40 ticket, the $8 beer and the gas on the way back home.

Enjoy the show that Lubbock do have and quit complaining about the show and the prices at shows because its rough in the streets if you roll out of town and catch a rock show.

Enough of that rant, back to A Day To Remember and the show that they out on. The first band that took the stage was All Time Low and they were really good and set a tone for what we were about to see. Direct support for ADTR was Pierce The Veil and we have had Pierce The Veil in Lubbock before, not really my cup of tea but they were really good live. So when A Day To Remember took the stage the crowd was pumped and ready to see their headliners.

They had it all, fog machines, pyro and a giant bubble that lead singer Jeremy McKinnon called into and ran across the crowd which was really cool to see. I enjoyed the show and I am glad Danielle got to see her favorite band live!