The boys from Stone Sour lit it up at the Golden Gods awards. They put in a solid performance of Gone Sovereign and Absolute Zero, then launched into Sabbath with help from a a couple friends from Slipknot. More after the jump.

Here's a little commentary on the "Golden Gods" awards themselves.  The performances are too good for this crappy little awards show.  I don't know where they get these lame audiences, but it needs to stop.  I can't even believe the cameraman chose to focus in on women laughing while texting on their phones.  FRIGGIN' STONE SOUR IS ON STAGE IDIOTS. It's not a time to trade LOL's with you friends.  I mean seriously, I'm an old guy and if Clown and Chris Fehn came out during a Stone Sour show I was at, I'd lose it.  In addition, this crappy awards show needs to be upgraded to a less crappy channel as well.  Anyways, if you can avoid being dragged down by the idiots in the audience who have no idea what kind of show they're getting, you will enjoy this"