I don't try new stuff that often.  When I'm hungry I don't even want a slight chance of being disappointed. This past Saturday I was just in the neighborhood of the Golden Chick on 50th Street and decided to give it a try.


First off, I'm no food reviewer and you will probably never see a negative review of a place (at least not by name). I just want to give credit when credit was due.  My group invaded the Golden Chick and really enjoyed ourselves.  So what's up with the place?  Well it's a chicken place (with some catfish).  Tenders, fried chicken and roast chicken are all available.  I think like most chicken places the real difference is in the sides. Golden Chick may have the best yeast rolls I ever had.  I also upgraded my side to some bangin' jalapeno poppers.  There poppers are literally "poppers", meaning they're small enough to put all in your mouth at one time. They just plain rock.  I opted for regular seasoned chicken but sampled my friends extra spicy and it was awesome. They do their "extra spicy" with a dry seasoning you can even buy and take home. We also had some rockin' white gravy to round things out.

The service was above and beyond.  You could tell that the guy taking care of us really wanted to make sure we were all good.  When you get quality service, you notice.  Our cashier/server absolutely rocked. Everything was fast and awesome.

Golden Chick has three locations in Lubbock and the guys on 50th deserve a lot of credit for giving that store a good name.

Here's the full menu.