I am so tired of the word "douche". It is so overused that it no longer means anything. It used to mean someone who behaves in an irresponsible manner. Now, people just use it for any person they don't like.  It's reached the level of overuse along the lines of "Whaaaaatzup".  With that in mind, let's find some new words and variations so we don't sound like eight year old's who just learned our first curse world.


So here's a guide for you to study. We'll start with a review of "douche".

*Douche-someone who behaves in an irresponsible manner. For instance, some one who will litter right in front of a trashcan.

*Assh@le-Someone who tends to be mean for the sake of being mean.  Bully's are usually your best example of assh@les.

*Butthole-Someone who may be just a little annoying, sometimes just for the sake of getting laughs.

*Asshat-Someone that is so dumb, they aren't even aware of how dumb they are.

*Assclown-A clown and/or jerk.  Someone that is goofy and/or may not even be aware that they are being a butthole towards others.

*F@cktard-A person that is so frustratingly stupid that combining the worst of dirty words and a pejorative that is usually reserved for the mentally handicapped is the only way of describing them.

F@cknuts-this is one is synonymous with dumbass, which pretty much is a self-descriptive word.

Numbnuts-Someone who is just a little dim and/or unaware.