Call it coincidence or poor planning, but ALL the good stuff hits record stores today.  Today, you can get the new Stone Sour, Volbeat, Device (David Draimans Band) and Drowning Pool.  Holy snikeys that's a lot of music to put in your face!  More after the jump.

When we started tabulating the releases today, even we couldn't believe it.  Today you can pick up Stone Sours "House of Gold & Bones II" featuring "Do Me A Favor".

Volbeat fans will be VERY happy with their new release "Outlaw Gentlemen & Shady Ladies" featuring the track "The Hangman's Body Count"

Drowning Pool are back with new singer Jason Moreno.  The new album is a nod to their "Resilience".  The album features the tracks "Saturday Night" and "One Finger & A Fist"

Rounding out the big four of today's releases is David Draiman of Disturbed's new band "Device".  This c.d. is just about as solid back to front as they get.  In fact, we are also giving this away this week in honor of the bands appearance at the FMX Big Purple Party.  Check out" Vilify"