The other day at the Chevelle concert I got to meet all kinds of listeners and met one listener that I will never forget!

If you have ever seen Jesus out and about he is covered in band autographs on each arm. When I ran into him at the Chevelle show he asked if I would sign his shoulder so he could get it autographed. I really didn't think nothing of it so I just signed his shoulder and thought he will sober up in the morning and forget about it.

I get a call from Jesus the next day and he said I am here at the mall and waiting on your bros to get here. I told him that I go to Liquid Ink in the mall and see my bros Colt or Isaac and they would take care of you.

Well I just I couldn't let him go up there by himself if he is getting my autograph tattooed so I met him there at Liquid Ink and this happened.