I'm pretty sure I was one of the biggest CSI: Miami fans out there. I actually loved David Caruso's 'style' of acting (basically take of his sunglasses and look at everybody sideways).  I also love the lovely, lovely Eva La Rue.  I was very surprise when they moved the show to Sunday nights.  More after the jump.

I knew that for whatever reason CBS was giving up on CSI: Miami when they moved it to Sunday.  Sunday programming on a network channel is dicey because the shows are frequently moved around due to sports programming running long, and it makes it hard to find and/or even record your favorite shows.  Then, you add the fact that Sunday nights pretty much belong to the premium channels.  You just really can't compete against Dexter, Game of Thrones and on and on.

Anyways, I guess it's better that it's gone rather than dying a slow lingering miserable death like the original CSI or the rarely watchable CSI: New York.  The upside is there's ten seasons worth of repeats to make the rounds now.  So,  (Wes takes off sunglasses) we'll see you later Horatio Cane.