Can you imagine the horror of someone driving through the front of your house?  Can you imagine knowing that if you were in a different room you'd be seriously injured or even dead?  Now, to make matters worse, imagine that person was a drunk driver.  AND IT GETS WORSE FROM THERE.  Details after the jump.

Not only did a Lubbock family have to deal with a drunk driver drive into their living room, the drunk drivers family is doing everything they can to not compensate the family for the damage.  Assholes right?  The family in question lived with a caved in front of house forever before they were able to get enough supplies and help together to beginng repairs, and still no restitution from the drunk driver.

This Sunday night there will be a benefit show at Jake's that is very, very talent heavy. On stage will be the Genesis Device, Colossus of Rhodes, the revamped Residue & The Minor Prophets.  A donation of five dollars for 21and over and $8 for  under.

This is a great was to chill on this holiday weekend and a great way to help a rockin' family.