Sometimes I pride myself on finding new ways to be an assh@ole.  I have one that I started last year and I'm happy to announce that I will be continuing the tradition this year. This one is fun enough that you may want to try it too.


We have million empty offices on the third floor.  I could literally choose any corner of the building up there if I wanted to.  Instead, I  moved to a common area we call "the d.j. office" that I hang out in with Rooster and Driver.  This is usually the second most popular place in the building to take visitors behind the FMX control room.

What I do, to mess with Driver and Rooster as well as the rest of the staff and visitors is get a giant Kitty calendar from the Dollar Store and put it about my desk.  For those who know me, it's a direct challenge, it might as well say "I dare you to say something about this", for everyone else it just leaves them confused. It's a VERY strange site when a hulking tatttoed 6'4", 250 pound Frankenstein of a dude is sitting there with the cute kitten of the month is displayed about his head.

Have you ever done anything passive aggressive like this at your office?  What do you do to mess with your co-workers?  I might need some new ideas.