Finally May is here and we can get geared up for The FMX Big Purple Party. Aaron Lewis of Staind took some time to talk to Rooster about country living, the future of Staind and this story about him on the stage taking aim at a singer that needed some "bee stings" check it out here.

Staind will be in Lubbock for The FMX Big Purple Party on May 25th. If you need more details for the BPP then get them here.

Aaron Lewis has always been a really great dude to talk to and when he called into station it was really cool to get his take on country music as well as rock and roll. But this story took the cake in the interview. Aaron Lewis is a noted outdoors man and when a band from a few years back was getting a little big for their pants, Aaron Lewis decided to have a little fun with him during his set.

Checkout the interview and get ready for May 25th when Staind returns for the FMX Big Purple Party.