Marc Serota/Getty Images

Most little boys dream of being a professional athlete, but the reality is the number of kids that actually make it to the pro's is far less than the number who dream that dream. Imagine being one of the few to actually make it to that level and have it all taken away in your first professional game ever.

That's exactly what happened to Adam Greenberg as he stepped up to the plate seven years ago to take his first at professional at bat for the Chicago cubs. 

With one pitch Greenberg’s Major League career ended on the very first pitch he saw, he was hit in the head by a 92 mph fastball. Ending his career and his dreams the very moment they started.

Since that time Greenberg has fought to his way back from barely being able to stand on his own, to getting back to the game he loves for a team in Israel .

A few years after his injury filmmaker Matt Liston started a campaign to give Greenberg one more at-bat. A campaign that has since received more than 2000 signatures on the online petion.

The Miami Marlins, heard about Liston's mission and have agreed to give Greenberg one more chance at the plate tonight (10/2) against the New York Mets.

How freaking AWESOME is that? I hope he sends one deep!! Good luck Adam!