My "adios" to Councilman/person/thing Victor Hernandez is probably premature.  I have my doubts that a recall election will be successful, but in my opinion, this guy deserves the black mark on his record. Whether this effort is successful or not, media will always say "who was once the target of a recall election".  More after the jump.

Let me be up front. I do not like this man. Yes, I have met him personally and discussed issues behind closed doors, that's why I don't like him.  At least with me he tried to play "mini-Godfather" employing a policy of tit-for-tat politics.  I literally saw everything that could be wrong with the American political system in that one short meeting.  Now that I've got that out of the way, I don't believe this guy was elected legally.  Rather than pay for lawyers to prove this point, a recall election with removal by the people seems much more deserving.  The city charter states that you can't run for public office if you're in debt to the city.  Victor Hernandez had a substantial tax bill with the city when he ran.  No only do I not respect a tax cheat, if he is so arrogant and outright stupid to believe that this law does not apply to him, then he doesn't deserve to be in office.

Let's also be honest here about that district.  It is a heavily Hispanic area and many of these folks want not just district but ethnic representation.  Let me tell you guys, you CAN do better.  There are any number of good hearted individuals of many ethnicities who will look out for the districts interest. I'll also say that the people who put together the recall aren't without their own political motivations, but we can deal with that when it's time to put new blood on the council.

So the petition to recall Mr. Hernandez has been validated.  There will be a recall election.  Mr. Hernandez has said that many people who signed the petition thought they were signing for reduced LP&L rates and other things.  Seriously Victor?  You think  your constituents are so stupid that they can't read a petition?  Well guess what, there are many people like me that didn't get a chance to sign, but I'll sure as hell be voting to eject you in the November recall election.  I only wish there was an addendum that would allow a subsequent "tar and feather" on the way out.