I have to be real. I have to write about what interests, infuriates or otherwise inspires me. In the social media age that can be a little challenging. You can research everything you want to say, prove an airtight case, then some troll from across the planet, who's never done anything constructive in their whole lives will write "you suck" underneath the post.

Stephanie "Knuckles" McMaster

I have discussed this with my digital mentor and one of the whitest girls in the world who told me what I already knew, "haters gonna hate" (and that makes it all the more HILARIOUS).  So I'm going to take a step back. NO, I'm not going to be afraid to take on any topic that interests me. I don't care if I infuriate the rednecks, rubes or those people are convinced that the Fake News Network has some kind of godly allegiance to the truth (trust me, if you get your news from ANY ONE news source, you're not getting all the news).  All I'm going to do is no longer give these people any credibility what-so-ever by engaging them in conversation.  So here's something the haters need to know up front.

*My opinions are my own and not the radio stations.

*Saying "I'll never listen to your radio station again" just means that your stuck listening to shi!tty radio stations for as long as you keep your promise.

*Your other threats mean nothing as well. It's been over 30 years, and not once has anyone ever had the balls to come up to me face to face and tell me I suck in person. You're not going to be the guy, so just close your keyboard cover now and quit pretending you will be.

*I DO know what I'm talking about. You may not agree with it, but I do my homework.  I learned to check and research my sources as a competitor in state wide speech competitions.

*None of my blogs mean that any less blogs on music are written. I'm just the frosting on the cake (and some people don't like frosting).

*Your opinions are always welcome but if you get hateful about it, I'll just hide your post.

*Stephanie has my back.  You want your ass beat by a skinny-ass East Coast girl?  I didn't think so.  This chick will knuckledust your ass right back into your momma's womb.  Don't even doubt it man.

All of this will be contained in my new disclaimer which goes like this:

(Opinions expressed on this blog may not necessarily be those of Townsquare Media. They also have little to nothing to do with what is broadcast on KFMX. Not responsible for butthurt. I don't take questions from anyone who does not donate blood, or donate their time or money to the community or charity. The world is full of a lot of people with a lot of different opinions, get a helmet and get over it. Respect, walk)

Thanks for reading.  Deuces.