I know. I too, am dying inside as I hear this. I also know that some of you Aerosmith fans want to give them the benefit of a doubt. How can a band that rocked you so hard when you were coming up, a band that was so vital, a band that was so nasty, ever, ever, do anything wrong. Well they have, and now it's even worse.

So I guess this is Aerosmith's attempt at a crossover hit. I guess it would maybe crossover to some kind of light rock format or something, I'm not real sure. The problem is that, well, it's just bad. Tyler sounds just a little too old to duet with someone this young and Underwood sounds just a little too country (and uninterested in even performing). This reeks of one of those pairings dreamed up in a record company office.

The fact is, somethings ONLY look good on paper. The sad thing is, you can't make that excuse. These two have crossed paths before when Steven Tyler performed "Walk This Way" with Carrie at a country awards show, meaning, THEY SHOULD HAVE KNOWN BETTER.

Anyways, if you made it this far, you probably want a sample. Go ahead and listen, but you may have to boil your ears later.