One, Two, the U.S. is coming for you. Hell yes I'm celebrating the death of another human being. Al-Qaida's second in command was killed in Pakistan on Saturday.

I'm not even going to dignify this jerk with a name, but the U.S. Navy Seals found evidence he was the next in line when they raided Bin Laden's compound and "dotted his eye."  The U.S. isn't saying how number two was killed, but the announcement came the same day as a drone strike. Here's hoping he's a giant red splash in the Pakistani mountains.

The even better news, the U.S. actually thinks that we may be close to breaking the back of the Al Qaida organization after taking out these (and hopefully other) leaders.  It's great to see the U.S. finally get some traction in the way against terror, and we thank all of the U.S. servicemen for their diligence and commitment to making these guys roast wienies in hell.