The new "Alamo Drafthouse" theaters will open at 5200 Loop 289 (by Lowes Home Improvement).  So what should you expect from this mythical movie theater?  I've got some details on the other side.

So let's get down to "brass tacks" as they say.  Eight screens, digital and RealD projection plus 35mm in some auditorium.  In addition there's the "Glass Half Full" bar and patio.  The nice folks even did a 'rendering' of what the Lubbock Theater will look like from the outside:

alamo drafthouse

And this is what it looks like from the inside:


The thing that interests me most about the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema isn't the layout, the food, the bar or the beer.  The best thing about ADC is it's booking policies.  You can catch the latest "Hollywood Hits" there, but the special events are truly special.  They have events like "The Off-Centered Film Fest", "Big Screen Classics", "Music Monday" and many more.  Let's face it, Hollywood can only put out so much product and Alamo Drafthouse Cinema gives you reasons to go back to the movies over and over again.  The Lubbock location is scheduled to open sometime before the summer movies start dropping.

Welcome to Lubbock Alamo Drafthouse Cinema!  Let's rock this town!