Alex Webster bassist of Cannibal Corpse recently talked with O2 Academy TV about several differrent topics about why a mosh pit is a good thing and why not to drink before a show.

When I watched these video's I couldn't help but to agree with what Alex was saying about several questions regarding death metal.

There isn't a bigger fan of heavy music out there than myself. I don't need to throw my resume on why or how I am just a fan of death metal. Death metal is an outlet for kids that dont have any other way to express themselves except at a metal show. I hear all the time people bashing on death metal about how they can't understand the lyrics and the music doesn't make any sense. It's a different world for us that listen to heavy music and wear our clothes different and always have our horns up in the air.

If I have to explain any more I guess you just wouldn't understand. But Alex Webster does do a pretty good job at explaining death metal.