Here on Lubbock's Rock Station, we are always slinging new music your way. If you have been listening to FMX then you have already heard a new track from Alice In Chains entitled "Stone" and I have the official lyric video here.

"Stone" is taken from Alice In Chains new album entitled "The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here" and if you preorder on iTunes then "Stone" is a free download for you. The new album is due out on May 28th.


I have alwyas been on the fence about Alice in Chains without vocalist Layne Staley. But you know I got to listening to "new" Alice In Chains and it sounds like AIC, so why not be down with it. I mean after the passing of Layne Staley, AIC didn't fold up they grabbed up a dude that sounds like Layne, William Duvall and he does a great job.

So I'll jam the new Alice and not be so hard on em. Horns up for Alice In Chains and their new album.