I was searching the ol' YouTube for some Alice In Chains tracks and I came across this video of Alice In Chains before they got signed to their first record deal. Even though this video is 25 years old there is some seriously good advice for bands out there.

When I watch this video I am in awe of seeing Alice In Chains all living in a small apartment just trying to make it in the rock scene.

You don't see any computers or gaming systems it was all about the music. i guess what I am trying to say is I hear local bands all the time saying how they can't get a break, Lubbock isn't isn't the place to have a band and whatever else.


My opinion is why not load up your band move to a big city all rent out a room and get your music tight and play gigs! Now that i have called some of these bands out watch the excuses roll in, I have a job, my family lives here, then why are you playing music and complaining about not getting a shot? A major record label isn't going to roll up at you gig and say huh here's a million dollar contract go out on tour with Metallica now. It's not gonna happen, now if you are cool with just playing local shows around here then great, I will show you support with blogs like this and get you on 9:06 Local Lix.

Now to all the bands out there complaining about your shot, I guess your to good to all live in a cramped apartment and eat SpaghettiO's for breakfast and go after a shot in rock and roll.

Check out Alice In Chains, before they were Alice in Chains so to speak.