It's simple. All I want for Christmas is for Christmas to go the hell away (and hell wasn't my first choice of words). I'm just tired of Christmas.

First off, keep your "Jesus is the reason for the season" comments out of this. Marketers took Jesus out of Christmas long ago. I like the spirit of giving and helping others that comes each Christmas, but that is always a "little something" that goes along with Christmas rather than it being the main focus.

My thoughts on Christmas are simple: People use plastic to buy each other and their kids some sh@t made out of plastic. I really think in almost all cases you can boil the Christmas season down to that one sentence. And let's not forget that we now use plastic lights and plastic ornaments on plastic trees. It's a holiday that has had all of the sincerity squeezed out of it.

There are few, if any, who used the holiday to pass along family traditions. People EXPECT to receive things instead of feeling blessed for what they have and kids compare their toy count with others.

Does this all sound a little "Scrooge like" or is it reality?  I'd love your comments. I'd also like to skip Christmas.