Where I grew up, there was only one fast food restaurant chain. It was Jack In The Box.  I'm sure there were others around, but the only one we went to was Jack In The Box.  Later on In And Out Burger and Carls Junior rocked the burger world a bit, but Jack In The Box was always a part of my world.


Not only was Jack In The Box the closest place to my neighborhood, they had a string of them up and down the Pacific Coast Highway so we'd surf all day then crunch down some Jack Tacos at night.

Now, for what I believe is the THIRD time, we've lost our Jack In A Box Restaurants in Lubbock.  The headquarters has closed down the Lubbock stores for being "non-compliant".  Now "non-compliant" can mean ANYTHING.  It's like a landlord/tenant dispute.  I can't even speculate on what the problem between the two is, but I hope it's resolved quickly.

It is CRAZY that a place can go from double lines around the building to closed in such a short space of time.  I was in the 50th street location just last week and my food was excellent (I went for the classic Jumbo Jack with some bacon/cheese fries).

I hope both parties can get their problems ironed out and we can keep Jack in Lubbock.  It's good food and with four locations, that's probably fifty or more people out of work.