This is a trailer for a cool looking little independent movie.  It basically looks like "Kick Ass meets SAW".  I'm liking what I see and it should start showing up for rental very soon.  As a bonus, the film stars "Dexter's" dad, James Remar (he was also in "The Warriors" back in the day).  More after the jump.


Sifting through the world of independent film is a tough one.  There's a whole lot of misses out there and a few hits.  The wonderful thing is when you find one of those hits that you can tell all your friends about.  One of my favorite finds was "Doghouse" (FULL MOVIE below) which was just about as good as any zombie comedy could be.  I'm hoping that "All Superheros Must Die" can live up to those kind of expectations.  Here's the trailer:


If you are a fan of horror/comedy at all, put your feet up and watch "Doghouse" right now: