I am such a huge fan of live music either up close and personal or on DVD. I am very stoked about the new Alter Bridge DVD.

Alter Bridge "Live At Wembley" will be released on March 27th with a CD. And a 3D version will come available in the summer.

This will be awesome and I cant wait for it to hit shelves this March. Check out the set list and the video trailer for alter Bridge "Live At Wembley."

Slip To The Void
Find The Real
Ghost Of Days Gone By
Before Tomorrow Comes
Come To Life

All Hope Is Gone
White Knuckles
Brand New Start
Broken Wings
I Know It Hurts
One Day Remains
Coeur D'Alene
Buried Alive
Wonderful Life (Acoustic Version)
Watch Over You (Acoustic Version)
Ties That Bind

Open Your Eyes
Dueling Guitar Solos - Mark and Myles
Rise Today