I'm not a big fan of "American Idol" but as always I'll check out the first night of yet another year of television's number one series.I have to admit, it is fun to watch some people make total a**holes of themselves. Ryan Seacrest, Steven Tyler, Randy Jackson, and Jennifer Lopez return for the eleventh season of "American Idol" with a two night premiere on Wednesday, January 18 and Thursday January 19th, of course on Fox.

"American Idol" made stops in St. Louis, Galveston, Pittsburgh, Portland, Savannah, Aspen and San Diego on it's quest to find this year's winner of "American Idol."

Tyler, Seacrest and Jackson will make an appearance on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" on Friday, January 20th.   

Now please stop that awful singing of yours and check out the video...