Dear Metalheads,

Let's start with this statement; KFMX is not a 'metal' station and we have no plans to be one in the immediate future.  Don't cry, there are no 'metal' stations ANYWHERE in the U.S., only online.  We're not picking on you, it's you that keeps it from happening.  Read more after the break.

I'm going to go over this one more time.  When you trash the radio station on your site, that's fine.  When you trash the radio station on it's site, we're going to defend ourselves. When you trash the radio station on one of my personal sites, you very well could end up with a boot up your ass.

The biggest problem with metalheads is that they can't agree on what is metal.  I don't have to go into the different styles, you know them and are probably partial to one of them.  Now, how am I supposed to build a decent size audience if you guys are split in 20 different directions?  I've got people who want Cannibal Corpse, people who want Pantera, and even one d@ck that can't get over Exodus and Testament (and this is just a small amount of the factions).  The problem is, that the people who like Megadeth, don't like Metallica, the people who like Maiden don't like Cannibal Corpse and the people who like Suicide Silence don't like All That Remains.  Yes, there's exceptions, but not enough.

The biggest problem with metalheads is the minute a band makes something that crosses over to radio, the fanswrite them off as a sell-out.  Suicide Silence is catching raw hell right now because they have Jonathan Davis of Korn doing some guest background vocals on their new stuff.  I mean, really?

We devote three hours to metal each week and I can tell you that the metal community doesn't even support that properly; it barely keeps up with the regular ratings of the radio station.  Even with that in mind, we try to support the genre for you.  We work as close  as we can with Jason of  J & B  and to a lesser degree Fastlane Concerts to keep shows coming for you guys.

What gets me is the constant whining that we don't play enough metal.  Why don't you whine to the country station that they don't play enough metal?  Why don't you work towards bringing your community together instead of just trashing us on your web pages? Why do you have to take your frustrations out on us? We don't show up at your house and ask you to turn your metal off and turn our radio station on.

Now it's just a few people who complain, but we work to hard on our radio station for someone to say "it sucks" (and if "it sucks" so bad, get lost and stay off our web pages).  Our radio station has been #1 IN THE NATION TWICE.  We've never been beaten by another rock station in West Texas in 30 years. We may not be what you want, but we are the absolute best at what we do and our radio station is respected and known nationwide.

So long story short, we play some metal, but it is still a "fringe" genre.  We also play some "Sublime" but we're not going full time reggae or ska either.  I hope you enjoy some of what we do, and we are always open to suggestions, but if you just plain don't like us, then move on down the road.  Why waste your time and energy on us?  Make yourself up some c.d.s or something.  Start yourself a 'metal' Facebook page; I'll even tell people where it is for you.  But I can tell you that the absolute wrong way to get what you want out of life is by being a dick and complaining about other people.

Lastly, I know most  of the metal community is cool.  They just do their thing.  For those people we'll help the shows keep coming and do what we can for you.  For the ones that want to get up in our business, I'll just say, don't ruin it for everybody.