The City Of Brownfield has not necessary welcomed the 4B Bike Rally with open arms.  Some of the citizens are still "up in arms" over the event.  Read more after the break.

Dear Citizens of Brownfield,

The year is 2o11.  It is NOT 1955.  Marlon Brando as "The Wild One" is not coming to your town.  Bike gangs are not coming to rob, rape and wreck your city. The bikers gather for a party on private land.  Most bikers never even make it into the heart of the city and do not disrupt or insert themselves in the day to day business of Brownfield as the party is on the edge of town.

Yes they drink beer and hoot and holler.  Few, if any, get drunk.  They know better than to get drunk and ride off on two wheels.  They play biker games, check out biker merchandise and listen to live music.  These are not outlaws or villains, they are normal people with normal jobs who live a two-wheel lifestyle on the weekends (I am almost embarrassed that I have to explain this to adults).

The businesses  the bikers patronize are not victimized, but instead get a nice cash boost from the event.  The persons interacting with the bikers will tell you that they are/were the nicest, gentlest and most respectful customers they had that day.

The question some of your citizens are asking themselves is, "do we want to be known as a place that approves of this biker behavior"?  The answer should be, "we want to be know as a tolerant, loving community and we're proud to support ANY event that benefits cancer victims".  I would hate to be known as the opposite.  It would be too easy to move this event to another community, but the organizers love their hometown and want to honor the people who have fought and are fighting this terrible disease.  The only way this event gives Brownfield a "black-eye" is if it doesn't happen.
Wes Nessman

BHS Class of 1980

(Go Cubs!)