We pride ourselves on constantly building and rebuilding Nightmare On 19th Street.  Hopefully you saw the picture of the "crashed pirate ship" in progress.  Now we've started another project that we've been thinking about for a long time.

We have always wanted a "drive-in movie screen" at Nightmare. Our idea is simple, play old horror movies while people wait in line.  It gets better than that though.  On busy nights we plan to have a night vision scare cam inside the haunt so your can watch people jump as they go through.

So how big is this thing?  Well the viewable picture is going to be around sixteen foot by sixteen foot.  The whole contraption goes 21-22 feet in the air! Those guys in the picture are all over six foot tall, and the tallest guy goes about 6'6" and he still looks tiny next to our screen.

We're pretty pumped about the improvements and updates we're bringing you this year!  I hope you can make it out!