I have frequently given out my "million dollar ideas" over the air.  They are ideas for simple ideas or inventions that a person with a little know how or money to spend could turn into some bucks.  I still remember saying "some would should build an outdoor amphitheater here since the weather is mostly good year round.   A lot of my other ideas are smaller and more handy.


Here's the idea.  Wide mouth jars for salsa   Seems pretty simple, right?  Then how come nobody does it (we'll get to that)?  Even if you buy the short squatty jars of salsa, after about 1/3rds gone, you're knuckles are banging the sides of the jar when you dip.  "Just pour it in a bowl" you say?  Aint' nobody got time for that!  You twist off the top and you go to town.  That's how we eat stuff in AMERICA!  We don't have time for your bowls made by foreigners.

So, where's the problem?  It's in a little thing called "leverage".  This is where you come in.  While you could make a jar as big around as a saucer, opening the lid becomes a problem as the size gets bigger. Someone needs to just work out a way to keep the lids from sticking and/or add a way to get them open initially.

Then again, maybe we could just use those gallon car pickle lids and backwards engineer a jar to work with those.  Even better we could put salsa in those plastic containers that sour cream and other dips come in.......................  Oh damn.  Somebody already does that. Never mind.  Now you know why nobody has actually made a million dollars off of one of my ideas.