Yes, with all this news revolving around Aaron Hernandez and his murder charge that lead to his release from the Patriots, more news surfaced from the Cleveland Browns camp concerning a player charged with attempted murder.

Undrafted rookie defensive end Ausar Walcott supposedly got in a fight at a nightclub and punched a man. Apparently Walcott did more than probably expected, as the man Walcott hit ended up in ICU in critical condition.

Walcott has been charged with three crimes: first-degree attempted murder, second-degree aggravated assault, and lastly, a third-degree endangering an injured victim charge.

We see this kind of rambunctious behavior far too often from football standouts, and it leads me to wonder: if you're playing football, a game, for potentially millions of dollars, why don't you straighten up and act like you deserve to be in the position you're in.

Both players are of course innocent until proven guilty.

It's ridiculous, but hey, that's life I guess. Be careful out there, ladies and gentlemen.