This is tougher than most blogs, because there's two things I really want to write about here.  #1. The awesomeness of the show I saw and #2. The awesomeness of the place I saw it.  I guess I'll do two paragraphs.

YouTube, Greggroovy01

Saturday I saw one of the best shows of my life.  The Chop Tops are the real deal.  Every little detail, everything you want on display with WORLD CLASS musicianship.  Add to that fact, they were really humble guys who really celebrated Lubbock and the bands that shared the stage with them.  It's hard to be a star and be a class act at the same time and these guys do it. The drummer/singer Sinner is one of the best front men anywhere and he does it from behind his trap set. The new bass player Josh  is just 25 years old and could kick it with anybody.  The guitar player Shelby is simply one of the finest guitar players on the face of the earth.  This was purely one of those shows where you actually left with more energy than you went in with.  Filling the featured spot on the bill were Lubbock talents Sugarwitch and let me tell you, that girl is a star. It's hard for me to even believe there is a rockabilly scene in a town the size of Lubbock, much less the VERY TRICKY job of pulling it off with a female led band.  Opening the show was the amazingly energetic, and getting better by the minute, Johnny Handgun.  The first time I saw these guys I would call them a "delightful shambles".  Well, something snapped in these guys heads and now their delivering razor sharp sets.  They are tight and play like they've got something to prove.  All three bands killed it for a hometown crowd made of punks, rockers, bikers and regular Joes who don't care about band labels, they just know good bands when they see them.

I guess this brings me to Backstage Live.  They already deserve to be mentioned alongside places like The Rox, Fat Dawgs & Abbey Road.  They take chances on bands that are a little outside of the mainstream and knock it out of the park.  I've been there three times and two of my all time favorite shows have been there (The Chop Tops, Doug Stanhope).  The third time, I had to leave early so it's almost not fair to include it in the total.  The club is laid out perfectly with wide sight lines. The staff is awesome and happy to have you.  They have a little mini patio for a breather and a giant green room/bar for the bands.  It's just an awesome experience top to bottom (and within walking distance to Big E's for some barbeque to end the night).  Ian Moore, Tantric, Black Flag and more will be making appearance.  Make sure you check out a show and support this awesome club.